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Meet the Team

Charles Cornish, Chief Executive Officer

Charles Cornish

Chief Executive Officer

Charles' background encompasses more than 20 years in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare consumables, funds management and management consulting. Charles’ roles have progressed from sales & marketing, strategy, finance through to CEO level and Board seats. These roles have spanned the geographic regions of Europe, South America and Australasia.

Robert McLeay, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Robert McLeay

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Robert McLeay founded DoseMe in April 2014 after two years of prototype development. Robert originally led software development teams to successfully deliver complex projects to hundreds of thousands of users before completing a PhD and switching his career to medical research. He combines both these interests in DoseMe, with the goal of providing access to the current best-practice dosing.

Dallon London, Regional Manager, Australia & New Zealand

Dallon London

Regional Manager, Australia & New Zealand

Dallon London brings twenty-five years of commercial experience developing partnerships that leverage new and existing technologies to improve healthcare outcomes. Dallon has always had a keen personal interest in medicines and their role in improving and extending lives in today’s world. This interest further developed during an undergraduate degree in pharmacology and biochemistry. While working a range of commercial roles, Dallon completed postgraduate qualifications in change management and an MBA.

Cameron Daniel, VP of Technology

Cameron Daniel

VP of Technology

Cameron is a self-confessed nerd. He has a passion for software and automation, even going as far as writing scripts to control things around his house. He is an experienced senior leader of technical teams throughout rapid periods of growth. With a wealth of knowledge across managing product development, engineering and infrastructure within the telecommunications industry, he is now happily dedicated to ensuring everyone around the world can access DoseMe.

Chris McKay, Senior Engineer

Chris McKay

Senior Engineer

From projects as varied as controller software for air cleansing systems in power plants, to complex integrations, to many different web applications, Chris has many years of experience in shipping production-quality software on-time and on-budget across a range of business areas. Chris regularly teaches software engineering to industry groups within Brisbane.

Christine Foot, Product Marketing Specialist - DoseMe Crunch

Christine Foot

Product Marketing Specialist - DoseMe Crunch

Christine bridges the technical and marketing divide with a degree in Bioinformatics, an MBA and extensive experience working at healthcare advertising agencies and medical research not-for-profits. Christine has worked on campaigns launching new medicines in the Australian market and developed innovative collaborations to accelerate medical research. Joining the DoseMe team, Christine is excited to be embarking on an initiative with the potential to transform patient care and outcomes.

Holly McCallum, Customer Support Specialist

Holly McCallum

Customer Support Specialist

Holly joined DoseMe as an accomplished professional in the pharmacy industry. Having worked as a Professional Services Manager and Dispensary Technician, she has experience in implementing Dose Administration Aid solutions across Australia. Holly has always had a keen interest in health and would like to make a real difference to patient outcomes. She studied both Nursing and Pharmacy at University, and enjoys a range of activities in her spare time - from leisurely bike rides to skydiving.

Morgan Goulding, Marketing Communications Coordinator

Morgan Goulding

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Morgan is a creative and eager marketing professional with an intrigue for technological advancements and health, attracting her to DoseMe. Morgan graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) in 2016 and has worked across different industries in both services and product marketing. Supplementary to this, Morgan is also an avid Musician and Traveller.

Natalie Ulmer, QA Engineer

Natalie Ulmer

QA Engineer

Natalie is a QA Analyst with a passion for exceptional design and user experience. Natalie’s career has seen her work in several different industries across the UK and Australia, including casinos and stock exchanges. Her background is in information environments, graphic design and user experience.

Nicola Hunter, Marketing Communications Manager

Nicola Hunter

Marketing Communications Manager

Nikki is as a passionate writer and communicator having worked in the medical device and consumer healthcare industries for over nine years. Not long after completing a degree in Public Relations at the Queensland University of Technology in 2006, Nikki was lured by the glitz and glamour of Melbourne, before returning to Brisbane in 2016 to assume the position of Marketing Communications Manager at DoseMe.

Paul Sabourenkov, Bioinformatician

Paul Sabourenkov


Paul is a bioinformatician and software developer with a background in computer science, psychology and neuroscience. He has experience developing software in applied fields as varied as academic, biomedical, gaming, and mining. He has a keen interest in data science, machine learning and intelligence, both artificial and natural. In his spare time Paul indulges in analogue alternative process photography.

Sahar Khalili, Clinical Sales Specialist

Sahar Khalili

Clinical Sales Specialist

Sahar hails from a background of implementing eMeds designs and systems in partnership with NSW Health, as well as formerly being a consultant for Cerner. With her extensive experience across both clinical and retail pharmacy, Sahar brings exceptional clinical and customer service skills to DoseMe. Outside of work hours, Sahar is lured by the thrill of adventure, from hiking and camping, to performing stand-up comedy.

Sarah Wilson, Executive Assistant

Sarah Wilson

Executive Assistant

Sarah brings 10 years of experience in management and administration to the DoseMe team, and is passionate about business and helping others. Sarah originally led sales support teams before taking the opportunity to work alongside Senior Executives as an Executive Assistant to further develop her business skills. Sarah holds an Advanced Diploma in Management and is currently completing her Masters in Business Administration.

Steve Baxter, Investor

Steve Baxter


Steve Baxter is one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, and an active investor and mentor to startups. Steve is a founding board member of advocacy group StartupAUS, the founder of Brisbane co-working community River City Labs, and the mission leader for Startup Catalyst.

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